July 3rd 2015 -- Mets 2, Dodgers 1

Friday night in Los Angeles, Noah Syndergaard and Clayton Kershaw matched up in a terrific pitcher’s duel. The Met s squeak out a 2-1 win over the Dodgers.  The Met offense is still running in slow motion. The Dodgers took a 1-0 lead in the 2nd inning when Adrian Gonzalez led off with a solo homer, his 14th on the year.  The Mets tied the game off Kershaw in the 4th when Wilmer Flores RBI single to right scoring John Mayberry Jr.  In the 9th against Kenley Jansen, Lucas Duda doubled and went to third on an infield hit by Flores. Kevin Plawecki then hit a long sac-fly to center to score Duda with the go ahead run.  Syndergaard was brilliant in the no-decision going 6 allowing just 2 hits 1 run (earned) walking 2 and striking out 6.  His ERA falls 3.38.  Hansel Robles pitched 2 dominant scoreless innings in relief. He gets the win improving to 2-2. Jeurys Familia pitched the 9th for his 22nd save.  The Mets managed 7 hits on the night. Flores led the way going 3 for 4. Ruben Tejada went 2 for 4.  Kershaw went 7 innings allowing 5 hits 1 run (earned) walking 2 and striking out 7. Jansen takes the loss in relief falling to 2-1. With the win the win the Mets snap their three game losing slide. They improve to 41-40 and are now 12-26 on the road.  They keep pace with the Nationals as they stay 3 ½ games behind in 2nd place in the NL east.  Saturday evening it’s game two of the series.  Matt Harvey (7-5 2.99) goes for the Mets, Zach Greinke (6-2  1.58) goes for Los Angeles. 




Please be advised of the following Sand Gnats rosters moves:

7/3 - Joe Tuschak transferred to the DL retroactive to 7/2
7/3 - Patrick Biondi activated from DL




Gaither Bumgardner was traded to the Angels for international bonus money.

ROSTER MOVES - Binghamton


July 3:
  • RHP Luis Cessa transferred from Binghamton (AA) to Las Vegas (AAA)
  • RHP Michael Gibbons transferred from Brooklyn (SS-A) to Binghamton (AA)
Michael Gibbons will start Friday's game in place of Luis Cessa.

ROSTER MOVES - Binghamton

 The New York Mets have transfered RHP Michael Gibbons from the Brooklyn Cyclones to the Binghamton Mets.
In 2 starts for the Cyclones, Gibbons gave up 7 runs to post an ERA of 5.91 & a record of 2-0. He struck out 10 batters in his 2 appearances.

Ernest Dove - Is It Time for Mets To Trade off One Of The 'Four Horseman' To Win Long Term?

 Well, after spending the entire offseason, and spring of 2015 with a one track mind, I think I am beginning to head on over to 'the other side' with my thinking.

  Over the past year I have remained steadfast in my belief that the Mets should keep all hands (arms) on deck with regard to their 'dream rotation'.  Like many other fans, I've been dreaming about a Harvey, deGrom, Wheeler, Matz and Thor rotation for the next 3-5 years.  The belief is that you simply can't have enough quality arms.  And, with the state of the Mets payroll, I didn't feel it would be right to not take advantage of a rotation full of studs, all cheap, all under team control for the foreseeable future. 

  And, even after Wheeler went down for the year, Montero seemingly has done the same, and with the Mets not finding any suitors for the likes of Colon, Niese and Gee, I still remained in this belief.  As we've seen the past few years in October baseball, there continues to be a stream of stud under age 27 arms dominating the playoffs and leading their teams for victory almost singlehandedly. The Mets seemed prime to be next up in this regard.  But people change.  Teams change. Season's change. I've changed.  At this point in time, I'm ready for something (not that) dramatic.  I'm ready for the Mets to get go of the stranglehold they have over Harvey, deGrom, Noah and Matz.

  The idea of team controlled studs still remains exciting, but when you think about it, how many pitchers does one team need come playoff time?  At most, a solid world series contending team still only really needs 3 to 4 arms in a rotation. We live in an age of pitch counts, caps and limits.  And, with seemingly most of this star studded rotation having already gone under the knife, how many of them would you want (or expect to want) pitching 200 innings, and then pitching out of bullpen on any given night during October, giving it absolutely everything they have with their arms to get and keep a W?

  But again, my post is not about the Mets 'not needing' 5 strong arms.  It's about the Mets needing something else on the 25 man to even make it to the promise land of the playoffs. I've started to become more and more confused about the direction of this team every day.  It was my understanding that this team was going to be build around pitching, power and defense.  And, usually, I thought such a team would also require a bit of speed as well.  However, the Mets have spent the past few seasons signing guys like Chris Young, Curtis Granderson, Michael Cuddyer and John Mayberry Jr. I'm confused by the signings because CY struck out ALOT. Granderson struck out ALOT. Cuddyer was already 36 years old and no longer truly had a position in the field he could play well, and Mayberry Jr was supposed to hit lefties, but........what other value would he even have had that would be a plus, even in a part time role?

  Even Bartolo Colon, a man who is here to eat innings for the youngsters, headed into this season with a ballpark that the team decided to move fences in.  So why sign a 41 year old to a two year contract, knowing he's a guy who can always be at risk of missing a pitch here and there each night, while moving in the fences and giving opposing teams more room to find the stands?

  No, I think I'm mentally ready for the 'unthinkable'.  I'm ready for the Mets to trade away one of their prized arms for a bat.  And, gun to my head, long story short, I'm going with Noah Syndergaard as the guy.  Yes, he throws pure heat. (we have other guys that do that).  Yes, he's actually younger than all the other guys. (it shows sometimes in his starts when things are not going his way on the mound).  Yes, he appeared to one of the crown jewels of the Sandy Alserson era when he was basically robbed away from the Blue Jays in that Dickey trade.  But here's the thing.  the Almighty Thor is a righty.  Steven Matz is a lefty.  Matt Harvey, despite all the social media craze to anoint him a Yankee 3 years in advance, just doesn't seem to be the guy the Mets and their front office would dare trade off.  He means too much right now to the team, its fans, and the almighty dollar of merchandise and home game attendance.  deGrom has become such a revelation that he may very well be the best and most polished arm the Mets currently have in the rotation, so I don't see him going anywhere either.  That just leaves Wheeler, who we all know won't even be around until next summer anyway, so he's going nowhere for the time being.

  So again, that leaves one Noah Syndergaard.  The hammer, which may need to be given and sacrificed to the people of earth (or an American League if possible) for an UNDER 30 year old all star caliber major league hitter.  If Noah is truly a top of the rotation arm, then he should be able to get the Mets a much needed middle of the order bat.  Yes, maybe Michael Conforto will be the rookie of year next year; the Mets will convince Cuddyer/Grandy to be a platoon for the good of the team, and Lagares' elbow will magically heal next year.  But this is all just too much to be asking for at this point.  Especially from a team and its fan base that have been waiting YEARS for change.  We can't keep relying on 'kids' to lead this team.  Not when they are all on the team playing at the same time.  Dilson Herrera would probably still be the Mets everyday 2nd baseman right now, if not for the fact that nobody else on the infield (except Murph) has been hitting. Heck, for all we know, Lagares might have already been shut down for the year if both Cuddyer and Granderson were contributing like 8 figure contract guys are expected to contribute.  But, it is what it is.  This is the team we have before us.  This team is not good enough.  This team needs a change.  And I've decided its true that you really must give in order to receive.

  The reason why Sandy has done such a great job in trades recently is because he had the ok from management to trade off star players for top prospects.  This is just not the case anymore.  There is literally nobody on the Mets 25 man roster (expect maybe Harvey or deGrom) who would command multiple top 10 prospects from another organization.  So, in my opinion, somebody has to go. 
  Not only that, That somebody (Thor) will also have to be packaged in a deal, along with other top 20 prospects, to land not just one, but possibly two all star players from a struggling team.  I don't want to name names because who really knows who wants what these days.  I don't know if anyone in the Mets organization has even considered a Braun/Gomez combo if they even did finally give in and trade off one of the Fearsome foursome.   I don't know if talent evaluators on Mets are willing to trade top talent for top talent, and call up the Cubs about Addison Russell, or call the Dodgers about Seager ( ok, im naming names :) )

  Either way, I think I'm sold.  Sold on the fact that the Mets need hitters.  More rookies like Conforto and Nimmo will not help the current stud arms immediately win a title during this 3-5 yr window.  And the Mets simply don't have a nice track record these days of hitting lightning in a bottle in the free agent market. So it's time to trade star power for star power. The Mets need a playoff contending 2015 and 2016 lineup to go along with a solid pitching staff. Sure, maybe Conforto is a star..... You know what, maybe so is Casey Meisner or Michael Fulmer.  If one can contribute quickly, why can't the others be assumed to take the place of a stud arm nicely?  At this time, either way, us Mets continues to do nothing but speculate and project.  I think we are all tired of doing both of those things.  Lets go for playoffs. Let's go for a title.  Let's go for a damn winning season.


Mack’s Morning Report – 7-3-15 – Future Starters, Latin SS, Rental 3Bmen


Good morning.

The debut if Steven Matz dissipated the pitching prospect list in the Mets organization; however, there still are some starters to remember down the pipe. Right now, per me, here’s the pecking order of the ‘next four’:

1.     Zack Wheeler – technically past the prospect stage but still has to heal and return from Tommy John Surgery. The arrival of Matz will allow the Mets to give Wheeler the proper time to heal from his complex surgery that included a torn flexor tendon. I give him an ETA of July 2016

2.     Rafael Montero – remember him? Montero went down with what seemed like a wimp injury (rotator cuff inflammation) and we have never seen him again. There’s been numerous report that he’s been throwing in Florida off of the mound on flat ground but that’s as far as it has gone. It’s a shame because the team could really use him on the Las Vegas staff. He also would make a credible trade chip during the trading market if he was healthy. ETA? These kind of injuries tend to be front office friendly and I don’t expect to see him until opening day 2016.

3.     Casey Meisner Meisner was a third round pick in the 2013 draft and has impressed at four levels, including St. Lucie where he was recently promoted to. His pro stats are: 4-teams, 14-8, 2.83, 1.15, 181-IP, 167-K. He’ll finish this season at the A+ level and I look for him to possibly open up next spring in Binghamton. His ETA is currently  2017 and you should consider him to be a serious future trade chip.

4.     Michael Fulmer Fulmer’s road to success has been a little slower than Meisner, due to a series of injuries that placed him on various disabled lists. Fulmer was the 44th overall pick in the first round of the 2011 draft, straight out of high school. Fulmer pitched only nine starts in 2013 and had to re-invent himself in 2014, but he has had tremendous success this season in Binghamton (9-starts, 2-0, 2.70, 1.28) and is reported to be back to 100% health wise. I expect him to lead the 2016 Las Vegas rotation and set himself up as another trading chip/emergency starter around the 2016 all-star game.

Baseball America has a revised June 30th ranking list out of the international guppies that became eligible to be signed beginning yesterday and they rank Mets signees SS’s Andres Gimenez and Gregory Guerrero the #2 and #6 prospects for this July 2 class. Guerrero signed on Thursday with the Mets for $1.5mil, while Giminez signed for $1.2mil.

This would give the Mets eight top shortstop prospects out of the Latin streets in the last three signing period. Hopefully, more than one will work out and also be converted to another position (Cecilio Aybar, who was signed in July 2013 for $231K is now playing third base for the GCL Mets).

Normally, I’m not big on ‘rental players’ but this probably is a good way to go this season for filling a need on third base for a number of reasons:
-         Dilson Herrera has got off to a slow start, both defensively and offensively and probably could use more grooming in the minors

-         None of us are impressed with Ruben Tejada past being a utility infielder

-         And why not take the pressure off David Wright to return this year by shutting him down.

Daniel Murphy could return to second base for the remainder of the season and the Mets would at least add another credible bat for their run for the playoffs this year.

I checked out the 29 0ther teams and there are only six options here that monies still owed them this year before hitting free agency next year. They are:

        Emilio Bonifacio – CWS – $3mil/2015 – 30-yrs old
                                     Hasn’t played 3B since 3011 (Marlins)
                                      71-AB, .155/.178/.169/347

        David Freese – LAA - $6.425mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     261-AB, .234/.303/.406/709, 10-HR, 34-RBI

        Alberto Callaspo – LAD - $3mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     55-AB, .291/.371/.364/735

        Casey McGehee – SF - $4.8mil-2015 – 32-yrs old
                                     127-AB, .213/.275/.299/574
                                     designated for assignment June 30th

        Aramis Ramirez – MIL - $14mil-2015 – 37-yrs old
                                     221-AB, .217/.255/.412/667, 9-HR, 30-RBI                          

        Juan Uribe – ATL - $7.5mil-2015 – 36-yrs old
                                     94-AB, .298/.362/.435/798

In addition, there are two more players with an additional year contractually before hitting free agency in 2017:

        Martin Prado – MIA - $11mil-2015, $11mil-2016 – 31-yrs old
                                     254-AB, .272/.312/.370/682, 12-HR, 33-RBI

        Adrian Beltre – TEX - $16mil-2015, $18mil-2016 – 36-yrs old
                                     235-AB, .255/.289/.391/680, 10-HR, 27-RBI

This isn’t being written to suggest any of these players, It’s just designed to show you the total amount of options out there for rental players.

Feel free to open up a general discuss about this topic here. 

Mets Minor League Games - 7-2-15

Six games where Mets allowed two or less runs. Nice.
Minor League Player of The Night - Gabe Ynoa's near-perfection

Honorable Mention - Alex Castellanos, Pat Mazelka, Ali Sanchez, Ranfi Adon, killer Cyclone relief.

AAA - Las Vegas - (46-35) 12 - Tacoma (40-41) 2

    LHSP Darin Gorski - 7 IP, 7 H, 2 R, 1 BB, 3 K, 5.11

A BUTT WHIPPING of the laddies from Tacoma.

Castellanos had a homer and 3 hits, cracking the .300 plateau and is now up to 43 XBHs in 70 games.  

Kirk is hitting .340 with 7 dingers in just 50 ABs. He does 8 Ks in the last 5 games, though.  Gorski continues to plug along, only allowing 2 sixth inning runs.

AA - Binghamton - (40-38) 5 - Erie (30-48) 0

    RHSP Gabriel Ynoa  -   9.0-IP, CG, 1-H, 0-R, 6-K, 0-BB, 4.12 

Gabe was 1 third inning double away from a perfect game. He only needed 103 pitches for his third career shut out.

Aderlyn Rodriguez had a two-run homer, his 8th, is hitting .242. Conforto 1 for 4, 2 RBI, .327.

A+ - St. Lucie - (39-39) 4 - Jupiter (39-39) 10

    RHSP Logan Taylor  -   4.1-IP, 12-H, 7-R, 3-K, 1-BB, 5.07

Logan's Heroes was not the theme song last night. Taylor has been unimpressive in 2015.  Victor Cruzado (.250) hit his 2nd homer of 2015.  Dominic Smith was 2-5, with his 48th RBI, and is hitting .300.

A - Savannah -   Postponed - Rain 

I thought it never rains in Savannah (where's my umbrella, dude?)

Low-A  -  Brooklyn - (9-4) 2 - Hudson Valley 1

    RHSP Gaby Almonte  -  6.0-IP, 5-H, 1-R, 7-K, 1-BB, 3.71

In a tight affair, the Cyclones scratch out two 7th inning runs with hits from David Thompson (.375), Jeff Diehl ( .387), and Zabala.  SS Alfredo Reyes breathed a huge sigh of relief with 2 hits, raising his average to .125.

Christian Montgomery struck out the side in the 7th for the win - so far in 2015, he is 5.1 IP, 2 H, 0 BB, 9 K.  Super.

Alex Palsha got his 3rd save with 2 hitless innings, 4 Ks, and like Montgomery, has yet to allow a run in 2015.  2B Vince Sienna got on base twice and is still hitting .400.

Rookie -  Kingsport - (5-5) 4 - Burlington (6-4) 6

    RHSP Darwin Ramos  -   5.0-IP, 5-H, 4-R, 5-K, 3-BB, 3.27

Pat Mazelka has two hits, including a homer, and 3 RBIs, and is hitting .306.

Rookie -  GCL  -  Mets (5-4) 2 - Nats (5-5) 0

    RHSP Ronald Guedez  -  6.0-IP, 3-H, 0-R, 1-K, 1-BB, 0.82

Ali Sanchez hitting .520 with 3 more hits. W...O...W.

High draft pick Max Wotell explodes out of the gate by fanning the side in his first pro inning. Awesome.

Ivan Wilson has not changed his evil K ways, fanning all 4 times to the plate in his first game of 2015.

Rookie - DSL 1 Mets (16-13) 0 - Dodgers (14-15) 1

    LHSP Daniel Guzman  -  6.0-IP, 3-H, 1-R, 5-K, 1-BB, 3.42

Guzman gets a valuable lesson...in the Mets organization, even allowing one run can spell doom.

Rookie - DSL 2 - Mets (16-13) 9 - Rangers (16-13) 2

In the "what a relief" department, 2 struggling hombres had big offensive nights.  Ranfi Adon (.235) had a fine 2 innings, with a 3 run homer (3), and a 2 run triple in the 4th. Danny Cedeno (.217) had 3 hits and RBIs.

GOAT: Ivan Wilson, Logan Taylora


SUSPENDED - C - Adrian Abreu


Adrian Abreu, who spent the 2014 season with the Brooklyn Cyclones, has been suspended 80 games.
According to the Office of the Commissioner of Baseball, New York Mets Catcher Adrian Abreu has received a 80-game suspension without pay.
He tested positive for metabolites of Stanozolol. Stanozolol is the same performance-enhancing drug for which Mets closer Jenrry Mejia was suspended for earlier this year.

Cecchini Added to All-Star Classic Roster

The Eastern League has announced the addition of Binghamton Mets shortstop Gavin Cecchini to the Eastern Division roster for the All-Star Classic to be played in Portland on Wednesday, July 15. Cecchini enjoys his second straight All-Star honor after representing the Savannah Sand Gnats at the South Atlantic League All-Star Game in 2014.

Cecchini, 21, joins Brandon Nimmo, Josh Rodriguez, Luis Cessa and Paul Sewald as the B-Mets representatives to the League’s annual talent showcase. In his first full season at Double-A the Lake Charles, Louisiana native is hitting .280 with five home runs and 30 RBI. The Mets first overall pick in the 2012 draft etched his name into B-Mets lore last year by scoring the game-winning rule to clinch the franchise’s first Eastern League championship in 20 years.
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